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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 18, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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president trump pushes back with comments about reports he tried to interfere with an fbi investigation >> did you at any time urge fbi director james comey to closer back down the investigation into michael flynn?>> no. no. next question. >> after a tumultuous week in washington the president is set to leave on his first trip overseas while in office. that evening i'm frank somerville dick >> the president's troubles at home include a new investigation into possible ties to russia. norm blanchard is life in washington where the president strongly denied any collusion.>> reporter: today the president try to settle down what has been a tumultuous week for his white house during an extended press conference with
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the colombian president. >> does anybody have any questions? i am shocked. [ laughter ]>> reporter: the president taking questions on controversies. from a new york times report alleging president trump asked his former fbi director james comey to stand out on an investigation into michael flynn's ties to russia.>> no. no. next question. >> reporter: to what the president thought a special counsel appointed to the fbi investigation into alleged collusion between russia and the trump 2016 campaign. >> there is no collusion between myself and my campaign i think it divides the country.>> reporter: attorney general rob rosenstein briefed the senate on the firing of james comey with plans to treat house members friday. democrats say the special counsel is a good first step. backup i think there will be a need for a broader investigation
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. there will be discussion who is the next fbi director.>> reporter: the president saying today he is close to naming the next fbi director in the top contender is former democratic senator joe lieberman works backup we are very close to fbi director. it will be very soon. >> reporter: all of this as the president is trying to get back on message because he's departing on his first foreign trip tomorrow traveling nine days in five countries.>> we heard the president say he's close to naming and fbi director, what's the word in washington as to how long? >> we have been watching the president schedule all day to see if any personal announcement comes up, at this time nothing yet. he departs on the trip midday so that gives us time in the morning if he decides to name someone likely it will wait until he comes home.>>
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the next issue of time magazine has a provocative cover what the white house more than into moscow's red square. time says the cover story will focus on russia social media war on america. this is the first time the time cover has no title or words, just a picture. stocks rebounded after a big drop caused by the news in washington. the nasdaq was up 43, nasdaq up -- tao of 56. solid earnings from walmart help to reach it higher in the positive weekly jobs report. president trump leaves tomorrow on his first foreign trip as the commander in chief. >> he will visit holy sites in the middle east have meetings with nato and the g-7. we have more on what's at stake as he seeks to make a good first impression. >> reporter: this is a big trip in the president will be accompanied by the first lady. we wanted to do a map so we could show you where they will be going on this eight-day
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tour. the route by design will have him visiting muslims in saudi arabia as a jewish officials in jerusalem and the pope in the vatican. if a critical trip in a test for the new administration. the president's son-in-law tarik kershner helped to set up the tour which has him stopping at holy sites of islam, judaism and christianity. the timing could be a blessing. >> he can look presidential and gets him out of a flood of problems at home. >> reporter: henry brady is the dean of public policy and he says the question is how president trump, who often speaks off script, will fare in this first test of foreign diplomacy. the first stop is saudi arabia, a staunch u. s. ally will he will meet with the royal family but his rhetoric about radical ban and
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integration will be in the background as he meet with leaders from dozens of most countries at the gulf cooperation council. run their the president goes to israel, a chance for a fresh start symbolically after the disclosure last week of classified intelligence provided by israel to russia. >> signals are important and this is a strong message to others.>> reporter: israel's counsel david san francisco says iran and the palestinian peace process are top concerns as well as a visit to the holy western wall claimed by both palestinians and israelis. >> a visit by an american president who comes to israel and then goes to the western wall sends a symbol that it is a part of israel. for that matter is important for him to visit.>> reporter: president trump will meet the next day in bethlehem. >> he will urge palestinian leaders to take steps for peace. >> reporter: then is on to the
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vatican in pope francis who has been critical of the president's stance on immigrants. he will meet with presidents of the european union in belgium including the new french president. then he will meet with the leaders of nato, which he has criticized, and finally the big g-7 summit in italy.>> these situations, especially local populations, will be finely attuned to everything he says. how he refers to their country, their leaders, how he refers to their religion. anything poorly worded could get him into trouble.>> reporter: president trump is scheduled to speak in sicily before coming back in he is going to hold a twitter session to answer questions. twitter is one of his favorite means of communication.>> it's a quick trip of eight or nine days, largely seen as symbolic,
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but is there any agreement or any policy expect from the trip? >> they're supposed to be some sang in saudi arabia, but peace with palestinians and the jewish, it's a first step to lay groundwork for hopefully some progress. >> thank you. in mountain view at least three people were hurt in a kitchen fire during the google developer conference. harry mccracken posted this picture of a fire in a concession stand. it happened at shoreline amphitheater where google is holding its three-day conference. from skybox you could see the fire response. we are to prevent staff members were taken to the hospital, they were not google employees, three other refused medical treatment. officials say the kitchen fire suppression system was able to extinguish the fire. the google conference wraps up tomorrow. hundreds of people living in a mobile home park in palo alto are celebrating a victory
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after a five-year battle. the santa clara housing authority announced an agreement to purchase the point of vista mobile home park. it allows the 400 low income residents to stay in their homes. the housing authority will partner with the county and city by the park $40 million. in 2012 the current owners first gave notice they intended to close the park and sell the land to developers. that touched off a long battle with the residents arguing for the need to protect affordable housing in the expensive silicon valley housing market. prosecutors rested their case in the penalty phase of the torah's verbal -- murder trial. jurors witnesses -- jurors and witnesses were in tears. marlene talked about the last time she saw sierra lamar . the prosecution showed childhood pictures ending with a video of her singing. on monday the defense will
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present their arguments for garcia torres to receive life in prison without parole instead of the death penalty. a san jose family is saying justice was not served in a case of a young woman was struck and killed when two cars crashed while street racing in san jose. that young woman without further job when the accident happened two years ago. this week a judge sentenced on driver to one year in county jail. azenith smith is live.>> reporter: here is where her life ended. there is a heart on the tree and some candles, no senses can bring her back but the family feels the justice system failed. it was two years ago sarah pablo was lost.
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time has not healed her brothers wounds.>> it hurts every day. it doesn't just go away. i don't think i'll ever go away.>> reporter: the loss is more painful because they been riding for justice against the two drivers accused of street racing back at january when karen was on the job when the cars crashed. on car pinned her against the tree. they say their fight for justice came to a harsh and. >> there are people out there who get more for not paying a ticket. i feel like he got away. is basically getting away, he got one year, he got away with murder.>> reporter: 18-year-old gabriel sparser was sentenced to one year in jail and 300 hours of community service after he pled no contest to vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. the other driver manual maldon
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auto was acquitted last month. >> when you look at the sentencing laws that govern the state of california, this is within the realm of sentencing. >> it was a young person likely immature and irresponsible, but there was no drinking involved. the court likely thought there was no intent to kill or harm. >> reporter: legal analyst stephen clark says it waived a game changer if alcohol was involved. for this family it does not make a difference. >> it sends the wrong answer. his young, 18, i feel it's not fair. >> reporter: they are hoping no family goes through their pain as they played pictures of karen on the digital picture frame. >> no one leaves the house thinking they will take a life. but at any minute you can. so you need to slow down and think.
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>> reporter: improvements have been made along that road where she was killed with a speed detector and rumble strips. the family started a slowdown campaign on social media in hopes of keeping her legacy alive.>> he got one year in county jail, you know how much time he will likely end up serving? > reporter: because he has been in jail so far with credit served the family anticipates him to be released in 3 to 6 months but he was facing a maximum of six years which the family was hoping for. but will likely be out within this year. a horrifying scene at times square, a car goes airborne after hitting more than 20 people. what we have learned about the driver and what he apparently said to police. it warmed up today, increasing temperatures. how warm willing get x i will see you right back here.
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a debate about army campus police officers. the chief says unarmed police officers are risk. -- a debate about arming campus police officers. the chief says unarmed police officers are a risk.
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a wrong way driver plowed into crowds of people in the heart of new york city. the cell phone video shows the car flying in the air after hitting safety barriers at times square. the 26 or old navy veteran from the bronx drove the car. he said he was hearing voices
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and he expected to die. this all happened just before noon when the driver came speeding the wrong way down seventh avenue. witnesses say the car jump the sidewalk and hit people along the way. an 18-year-old woman from michigan was killed, her 13- year-old sister was injured with 22 others. honda came to a rest on top of a traffic barrier at 45th and broadway, an area known as the crossroads of the world. >> there were bodies everywhere, lots of lacerations and broken bones and people bleeding.>> investigators say the suspect, richard rojas, had two prior dui arrest. police sources say he initially tested negative for alcohol that cnn reports he tested positive for pcp and law enforcement officials say he
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appeared to be under the insolence of drugs. new york's mayor says there's no indication this was a terrorist act. new information with case involving a man in the car at a stoplight enrichment and was attacked for wearing a turban. we first told you about the story last year. two suspects were caught and charged for hate crimes. rob roth tells us how the incident has affected the community. >> reporter: here inside of county courtroom two men pled no contest to an assault that was also a hate crime against a member of the sikh community. just before sentencingmaan singh khalsa addressed the court. this was how he looked after being in step, he was beaten,
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his hair cut with a knife while he was stopped at a red light near hilltop mall. his finger had to be amputated later. it was a crime that had a deep effect on the trinity community. >> had this happen to a member of our congregation was deeply upsetting and it happened about five minutes away from our house of worship. >> reporter: in court in his victims statement offered this wish for the men who beat him, i still consider you my brothers and i hope that you will learn about me and my community and one day consider me your brother too. >> his appreciation for a larger positive message was heartfelt and dignified. >> reporter: those from the trinity coalition are safe best say they are pleased with the outcome. >> in order to combat hate you have to recognize it in today's verdict was the first step to do so.>> he told the prosecutor
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he wasn't looking for harsh penalty he was hoping the case will raise awareness about hate crimes. >> the state auditor -- the state auditor found the president's office had a hidden fund hitting as much as hundred $75 million. as a result the regents have agreed to implement 33 recommendations to improve transparency and budget policies. yesterday you see students protested at the regents meeting they are upset they have to pay two percent tuition increase while the uc president had millions stashed in a secret funds.'s -- the regents approved a cap on out-of-state students. most won't be allowed to enroll more than 18 percent of nonresident students starting fall 2018. four campuses including cal and ucla have between 22 percent 24
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percent students from out of state and all schools will be allowed to keep those percentages that they will not be allowed to increase them. the oakland raiders third one hurdle to play in las vegas in 2020. las vegas stadium authority approved a lease agreement today for the team. it gives the team naming rights for the stadium and bands gaining there. there were concerns the raiders i have to push back the move until 2021 without a lease agreement in place. nfl owners meet next week to finalize the deal. [ siren ] temperatures warmed up today, it will warm up again tomorrow with temperatures nearing 90 degrees. some areas inland will hit 90 degrees. patchy fog along the coast, the fog bank is still well offshore. temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the 50s, right now it is 70 degrees, cooler along
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the coast. napa is 10 degrees warmer than last night, there is san francisco and that looks like a giant christmas decoration from that angle.>> friday morning no- fault, maybe a few patches tomorrow you'll see that 80s and 90s, it will move to the coast. warmer day all around tomorrow and warmer or the weekend. when i come back we will go past tomorrow into the weekend. still to come, building president trump's border wall. >> i really want to be a part of the rebuilding of our country.>> an area contractor hoping to work on the project in a backlash he is facing. the warriors left for san antonio in game three. coach
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steve kerr is with the team but will he be on the bench? mark has some insight in sports. to arm or not to arm what on bay area college is missing and why.
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lively debate at city college of san francisco about arming campus police officers, most campuses have armed lease officers but not city college. there was a scary incident that prompted incident into sharp focus tonight. deborah has more. >> reporter: it was here at the library in 2015, reports of a man with a gun inside the campus officers had to wait at the door and call san francisco police department because they are unarmed.>> sometimes we find homeless people there
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>> reporter: they have 25 sworn officers protecting their college campus. >> who will be the first if we don't give them guns. >> reporter: students, faculty and staff took up whether they should carry guns like other officers. right now they have a baton, pepper spray, radio and flashlight. >> someone pulls a weapon and they have no means to protect themselves, it's that simple.>> reporter: were many lined up to speak it's not that simple. they look at police misconduct in other places in the political climate and they see militarization of police. city college has not have campus shooting of any kind so they argue, if it's not broken don't fix it. >> you are describing guns as a tool. it's not a tool, it's something you give someone that could take a life. >> we have escaped tragedy so far, it's not coincidence that
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as evidence our system has been working well. >> we have been fortunate. >> reporter: the police chief says it came two years ago when he was woken. his officers were helpless waiting for san francisco police to arrive when a man had a gun in the library. >> there was a delay, they don't know where the library is. >> reporter: the police say there are weapons on campus just not on their officers. not being able to defend themselves means he's going to lose officers to other departments. >> their is a strong possibility officers go elsewhere to feel safer. retention is a challenge. >> reporter: the council recommended not to armed officers. >> if someone ran through the door with the semi automatic rifle has happened in other situations, do you want your police department to have a gun
10:26 pm
? yes. yes. >> reporter: the chancellor listened but she did not comment. it's her call whether to go with the advisory council or recommend something different to the board of trustees and the trustees make the final decision. live in san francisco ktvu fox2 news. media east bay college student who turn what could have been a devastating diagnosis into driving force. a woman at the center of a police check scandal testifies in court. though ruling about the oakland officer facing charges. a bay area contractor who wants to build heart of president trump's border wall. his proposal and why he is willing to risk political backlash. there's a place like no other...
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a backlash against the bay area company hoping to win a bid to help tilt president trump's border wall. >> the integration policies have already made people boycott companies who want to work on the wall, the state of california might be next. >> if you get rid of this i can listen their >> reporter: at a construction site near sacramento james
10:30 pm
flanagan resop his work on this home renovation. >> it turned out nice. >> reporter: these hoping his next project to be outdoors on the us-mexico border building resident trumps proposed wall. >> i want to be a part of the rebuilding of our country and one way of doing that is securing our border. >> reporter: this is more than a business decision because you voted for president trump. >> i like his values and his vision for the country. it has nothing to do with racism or hating anyone. >> reporter: he says his business, jk flanagan is based in san francisco. on of several bay area cities businesses they boycotted if they work on the wall. >> a wall that divides people is not reflective of our community values. >> reporter: they have legislation requiring oakland to refrain from doing business
10:31 pm
with any company working on the wall. the resolution passed unanimously. >> oakland tax dollars will be used to support the border wall.>> reporter: they say oakland is the home for thousands of immigrants and refugees. >> reporter: we did up -- >> 88 percent of our residents are against the wall. >> reporter: the blacklist that span the state. estate built 30 will prohibit california from rewarding or renewing contracts with anyone who works on a fence or barrier along the state's southern border. but dozens of california companies expressed interest in the border wall. 20 of the companies are based in the bay area. >> where do tax dollars come from? were not working with iran, or contracting with our own government so you're keeping us from freedom of commerce and a way to make a living.>> reporter: they don't see the
10:32 pm
boycott as discriminatory. >> we want to tell companies it's a wise decision not to participate in the wall and to stay on the right side of history. > reporter: this is a nation of immigrants, are you against immigration? >> not at all. >> reporter: flanagan says his family was sponsored to come here from russia. >> i don't want to see families broken up. >> reporter: he believes this design created by partner in florida with you that. >> reporter: there are sensors all around it. >> reporter: flanagan's bid was for concrete wall but he's pushing for composite material that says he is more durable and cost-effective. the to also rated system has a dead man's own and would lean 30 degrees south toward mexico.>> reporter: -- >> everything is tied to a computer grid. if it has any activity it will alert the system which alerts the governing authority to
10:33 pm
respond accordingly.>> reporter: he received backlash but looks forward to any chance to build the barrier. a spokesman for the government won't say how many companies did on the wall only to safety have several hundred bids from across the country. they want prototypes constructed in san diego to be considered or construction in the future. >> i've never worked on a border wall, this will be a first for everyone. that was the third in a series on immigration and border security. we've posted all three of the reports on right on the homepage. a founding father of fox news dietary. roger ailes was 77 years old. the corner in palm beach says he died from bleeding on the brain after he fell at his home last week. he was a pioneer of conservative cable television
10:34 pm
and helped turn fox news into a ratings powerhouse. he has helped elect three republican presidents and was a force in conservative politics. he stepped down last summer after when he came forward of sexual harassment here. ♪ [ music ] musician chris cornell has died. he was the lead singer for pioneering garage band soundgarden. he died last night after performance in detroit. authorities said it was a suicide and he hanged himself in the hotel room. the 52-year-old was born and raised in seattle at part of a close-knit group of artists who formed the foundation of the grunge scene that exploded in the early 1990s. the 19-year-old woman at the center of a secretary scandal involving areas from the bay area testified in court.
10:35 pm
jasmine abuslin -- known then in police circles as celeste guap -- of police prostitution stings in exchange for sex with the then underage girl. abuslin, is the daughter of an oakland police dispatcher who has claimed that she had sexual relations with at least 12 bay area law enforcement officers. a judge ordered the man to stand trial after her testimony. >> she testified about how the officer came to her hotel room while she was working as a such worker and they engaged in sexual acts and he then proceeded to tell her to give her confidential information about police undercover stings taking place. >> there never was an undercover operation and he disclosed, he made it up to keep her off the streets on a cold rainy winter night. there was no revealing of sensitive law enforcement information. >> former officer button is due back in court next month to enter his plea. work from home no more.
10:36 pm
the message ibm is sending in place after pioneering the concept of working from home. the bay area friday and weekend, we will warm up in the 90s i will tell you where and how long he will last. of frightening accident from a carnival went people fell from the fair as well. what people say caused the accident. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap,
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to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. -- a frightening accident from a carnival when people fell
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fromt he ferris wheel. what people say caused the accident.
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a frightening accident near seattle, at least three people were hurt when falling from a swale. fire officials say they fell 30 feet landing on metal torrent. a witnesses says a cart flipped upside down causing the fall. the three people, including a six-year-old, were airlifted to the hospital. one victim, a 59-year-old woman is in critical condition tonight. a large fire threatened warehouse outside sacramento tonight. the smoke could be seen for miles as the fire burned outside scotts miracle grow warehouse. the fire was under control within an hour and kept it from spreading their the cause is under investigation. ibm is telling workers to get back to the office. the tech company is ordering employees to give up at home workspace and relocate to a regional office or find a new job. ibm pioneered the concept of
10:40 pm
allowing employees to work from home, but ibm is ending the policy to create what it calls a more collaborative environment. ibm has 380,000 workers around the world. still to come up bay area student fulfilling his dream work >> ♪ [ music ] >> how he is making his mark on music despite a debilitating disease. chief meteorologist is tracking a big warm up in the weather. ♪ [ music ]
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icon set featuring the music of a student who refuses to let parkinson's disease stop him from following his dream.>> amber lee is on campus and this is an older student who wants to share his challenges to help others.>> reporter: tonight the concert was put on by the music department here at cal state east bay. one of the six selections was written by the student coping with parkinson's disease. ♪ [ music ] this composition was written by then rivers.
10:44 pm
performed by a group of professional musicians. >> it's an amazing feeling. >> reporter: music that plays in his head is now come to life. composing starts with him at the piano. >> hearing voices and birds, i hear music in all of it. >> reporter: he's been living with parkinson's for 16 years. it causes tremors and impairs mobility and balance. rivers cannot walk or talk or play the piano like he used to, but it has not robbed him of his spirit or creativity. >> i remember walking down a country road as a child of seven or eight years old hearing the beat. was it someone
10:45 pm
playing music? no, it was internal music. >> reporter: he got a college degree in sociology and worked for a nonprofit. it was only after being diagnosed with parkinson's that he followed his dream of music. >> it's the soundtrack of my life. >> reporter: he enrolled at cal state east bay two years ago to get formal training. his tremors are pronounced at times as it was briefly during thursday nights rehearsal. the professor says he is impressive. >> a lot of students given the difficulties he has what find it difficult to keep going but then is -- but he is pushing himself to cope. >> i want the audience to know something about themselves. 80 i can be a model for how people can go with a challenge.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: to fully experience the joy he needs to celebrate darkness. >> i want to tell them they can. they can overcome obstacles to see it here who they are truly. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he's on your away from a masters degree in music composition and he hopes to make a living writing music. parkinson's has changed his outlook on life. >> that is fantastic. 47 years old, he decided to go back to college and fulfill his dream. that is really something. >> he has a great sense of humor and was so spirited about what he is dealing with. he even takes public transit on his own most of the time. he is very independent given his limitations. >> that's a great story.
10:47 pm
>> it's great to see someone who love something and can do what he loves. >> we all complain about what we cannot do and then you see that and you think, i can do it. >> that's exactly right. that's the take away. he has an uphill battle and he is doing it. we are going to have a great weekend. the high pressure is over as. these were the high temperatures from today. -- we're going to have a great weekend. the high pressure is over us. were quite have a great weekend. we have this offshore, it will
10:48 pm
become a fixture, that's the main fog bank. there are some passages now. 64 walnut creek in livermore, there's the bridge, i can say that now and you know what one i'm talking about here we know that's the most beautiful bridge in the world. >> it certainly is.>> it is stunning how it stands out. >> if you had all of the lights, it would ruin the view. tpl owns that land and keeps it that way to protect the view. friday we get the offshore flow. fog at the coast on saturday all day and then again on sunday. the high pressure will owe us
10:49 pm
at temperatures will be in antioch in brentwood. i read somewhere, i remember how it works, something about the golden gate bridge is the most visited tourist attraction in the world, i think it's a function of it being a bridge because people drive over it, walk over it, -- second it is iconic too. people around the world know where that bridges. the weekend is almost here and with the beautiful weather around the bay area comes activities for the family. rosemary orozco has the weekend watch. >> reporter: here's what's happening. serious and fun runners joined together for the 105th bay to breakers. thousands of runners and spectators will participate. if you're interested, the 12 k starts at the plaza. there's
10:50 pm
an arts and craft marketplace at the asia center.>> if they has animals on broadway, bring the family including your pet. the date has vendor booths got kids zone and a wellness there. furry friends will be available for adoption. >> the himalayan fair is in berkeley this weekend where you find live performance of himalayan bazaars got kids booze, the free event is at live oak park.>> on the peninsula, yes science creativity and art exhibitions. this is at the san mateo event center. >> the timberline wine festival, 60 been years of 20 restaurants on saturday from 1 to 4 or go to the 123rd rose parade
10:51 pm
festival in santa rosa. parade starts at 10 followed by festival of activities and food vendors. enjoyed out there theater experience with classic beauty and the beast sunday afternoons at cushing memorial amphitheater. a giant in? are on the row count warriors continue postseason run. that is the weekend watch. still to come, for bay area nurses honored as heroes. -- 4 bay area nurses honored as heroes. how they help the man and the reunion today. the warriors are offered game three and the coach that coach kerr could be on the bench. sports is up next. you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that.
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mark came out and said he has some positive sports news tonight. >> that was the positive work left back -- that was the positive. >> sonny gray is starting to show signs he might be all the way back, best performance for him. and frank, it was sharks hockey
10:55 pm
night. you don't throw out the first pitch, you take a slapshot with the first puck. remember always nolan, he did throw out the pitch. sonny gray, sharp six innings, three runs, eight strikeouts, and defensive help from adam rosales, a beautiful place to help him get his first win of the year. look at that i. nice athletic ability. trevor came around with the bat, three hits and two were doubles, this will score run. 4- 3 for the a's and that becomes 6-3. chad tendler gets the home run at chris davis gets a home run, 8-3 final score. the warriors are often night found for san antonio where they will play saturday night.
10:56 pm
another long break but the news is looking good for the golden state warriors healthwise, andre iguodala is listed as questionable but he practiced today, and petula will probably play. the news with regard to steve kerr is encouraging. he's not only making the trip, but he has seen in recent days being more involved in it could be his return to the bench could come sooner rather than later. mike brown loves having him around. >> we are always excited to have them around. he has been coming to the coaches meetings, he's becoming the practices for a few days, he's the leader, the head coach, and anytime he can be around we feel good.
10:57 pm
>> i think he will return to the bench. with or without him we will play hard. he can help us in any way he can.>> it would be nice if klay thompson's shooting touch returns. the players want to win a championship that they care about individual honors in the nba all first team announcement came today, look at the list, dc anyone missing? these five are deserving no stephen curry or kevin durrant, they were second seamers raymonde green on the 13. >> i did not even know that. >> it's not a big deal. >> i think that's [ bleep ] klay thompson is one of our top guys and not to be on one of
10:58 pm
the teams is wrong. i don't understand that but i guess they have to find some way to punish us.>> just win the championship that's what matters. lebron james has his heart set on that he changed sports today, look at his video practiced today. he played a little football. [ laughter ] that is were -- that is worth looking at again. lebron james is definitely ready. let's see it again. threading the needle.>> let's talk about the rain that occurred this past winter. it was good with regard to the drought but not good when you're trying to build a multi- billion-dollar stadium that is
10:59 pm
the situation going down with the big palace in inglewood that will house the rams and the chargers. a huge delay, it was slated to open for the 2019 nfl season, it has been pushed back to 2020, the rams at the la coliseum, chargers at the 30,000 seat stub hub, let's look at some cliff diving.>> going to cabo san lucas, the world series of cliff diving, avc, that's a thing of beauty. that's the mexican champion followed by a american david coulter he got 80 feet.  that is something to see.>> that reminds me of the wild world of sports.>> the thrill of victory right there. that is the sporting life and the warriors, a couple days off but looking good or steve kerr. next at a low cut
11:00 pm
dramatically of a car going airborne at the end of a deadly crash in the heart of new york city. what we have learned about the driver responsible for the horrifying ordeal. david has more on the crash in the investigation. >> reporter: the scene in new york city times square today. our car plows into the sidewalk. video shows police removing richard rojas from the smoking car. he was taking into custody and tested negative


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